Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Title: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Translation: Something Happen
Theme Song: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Year Production: 1998

Shahrukh Khan: Rahul Khanna
Kajol: Anjali Sharma
Rani Mukerji: Tina Malhotra Khanna
Sana Saeed: Anjali Khanna
Salman Khan: Aman Mehra

The story start out with Rahul Khanna burning his wife.  It flashback between him standing and his wife’s last breathe.  It jumped to 8 years and Rahul was late to attend his daughter’s event.  At that event, she had to answer a question regarding mother.  It was hard for her to answer but Rahul helped her answer it.

The next day was her eighth birthday, that meant another letter from her late mother.  Before her mother’s death, she left her eight letters, which she was suppose to recceive it one letter a year.  This letter was different, because in this letter, it was a request for her to help her father find Anjali.

It jumped to Rahul and Anjali’s college year at St. Xaviar College.  Both Rahul and Anjali (was a tomboy) were best friend.  Then along came Tina.  Rahul fell in love with Tina because of her beauty and actively pursing her, which was successful.  At this time, Anjali realized that she was was falling in love with Rahul as well.  This event cause Anjali trying to be femine like Tina but it was not successful.  One day, Anjali decided to confess to Rahul about her feelings, Rahul told her that he loves Tina. 

She was heart broken and decided to leave college.  Despite Rahul and Tina trying to talk her into staying, she refused to.  She told Rahul that she may not come back.  With that, they left with a tearful goodbye and Rahul never knew about her feelings for him.  At that moment, Tina realized that Anjali love Rahul and Rahul love Anjali too but didn’t realized it.  If she wasn’t in the picture, they have been together.  After that, Anjali did not write or call Rahul at all. 

At the end of the letter, Tina had requested her to help find Anjali, perhaps, she may be Rahul’s happiness since she was his first love.  Anjali took her mother’s words to heart and decided to find the Old Anjali.  She teamed up with her grandmother and grandfather.

After trying to find Anjali, they finally was able to get a hold of her…

At Anjali’s house, Anjali was finally engaged.  She and Aman were engaged and they were having a party.  In private, Anjali told her mother that she may not love Aman but will still marry him.  They were supposed to get marry within weeks, but something came up and they had to postpone it to the end of the year.

With this, it gave the little Anjali time to come up with a plan to unite her father and his first love.

The old Anjali was helping out at a children’s camp, after the little Anjali found out, she wanted to go but her father won’t let her, despite that, it did not stop her so she went there with her grandmother.

The first time the two Anjali, met, the little Anjali told the older Anjali that she was named after her parent’s good friend. 

Later that night, Rahul found out that Anjali left, he went to a talkshow and confessed that he loved Anjali…

Anjali on the other hand heard and was surprised, only to find out that he was talking about his daughter.  So she ran to see the little Anjali and realized that she was Rahul and Tina’s daughter.

The next morning, while they were praying, Rahul arrived.  He called out Anjali and both girls turned around.  Both Old Anjali and Rahul were surprised to see each other.  They didn’t know how to react.  Later that night, their conversation was awkward so Little Anjali came up with a plan, a basketball game, in which Anjali always beat Rahul with.

Later that night, they were playing a game and Rahul had the phrase ‘I love you’ he couldn’t do it but there was a little boy who helped him.  Then it started to pour so the children went back inside.

 Anjali’s fiance arrived. 

The next day, Anjali decided to leave and they were getting marry.

At the wedding, little Anjali and Rahul attended the wedding.  Rahul had a short moment with Anjali and without a word, he confessed his love to her, but it was a little too late.  On the way down the stairs, Anjali didn’t want to go down because it meant she will lose Rahul forever.  Aman, on the other hand realized that he was standing between a fated love so he decided to step aside and let both Rahul and Anjali get marry.

My thought

To be honest, my thought about Bollywood movie was that they have too many singing scenes and it was too LONG.  For a moment, I hated Bollywood movies.  BUT, this movie made me fall in love with Bollywood movies again.

To start with the Soundtrack:

I love the soundtrack, all the songs.  They were very upbeat (In my opinion) and very fun to listen.  I especially love the theme song.

Length of the movie:

I would say it’s about 3 hours.  But totally worth it.  I did not fast forward any part.  I watched the whole thing.

The casts:

The cast did a great job.  Their emotions were so there! 

Because of this movie, I fell in love with Bollywood movies again.  This is not a joke.  I’m for real.  I am totally in love with this movie and could watch it everyday.

If you are looking for a movie to kill time, pick this one.  It has a bit of comedy as well as romance too… I give this an A+


 Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana



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